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BENDYsound is a Los Angeles based boutique post-production sound facility providing sound editorial, sound design, sound restoration, foley, ADR, voice over recording, and mixing for visual mediums, specializing in the creative collaboration of sound for picture. Our experienced group of creative audio professionals expands and contracts to meet all specific project requirements. Our newly designed and built headquarters is located in Inglewood California, and houses a comfortable 7.1 surround mixing stage, an ample voice over booth, and a large multi-purpose recording room for foley, ADR looping, and group recording. Sound should never be a compromise, and here we strive to provide the maximum service, quality, and creativity for your production.

Sound Design
Sound Editorial
Surround Mixing & Re-recording
ADR & Voice Over Production
Sound Restoration
M&E / Language Localization

Theatrical Feature Release
Theatrical & TV Trailers
Television Programs
Television Promo & Advertising
DVD & Blu-ray
Short Film
Micro Screen, Industrial, and Interactive
BENDY (est. 2004 Inglewood, CA): IMDB - twitter - BENDYmusic
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Andy Snavley (Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor, Re-recording Engineer) : IMDB - LinkedIn

Andy Snavley is a lifelong music and sound experimenter. Born into a family of musicians, composers, inventors, educators, and tinkerers, Andy has a deep well of knowledge and experience to draw upon, combined with an insatiable thirst for the advancement of his craft.

“It is my artistic expression to develop evocative sound for the projects that I work on. Beyond the technical aspects, the clarity of the dialog, the aural blocking of the foley, the embrace of the place setting background tracks, the soundtrack and imagery sound feel like they inspire each other. The audience should never realize though, that behind the scenes, these two forces are conspiring to influence their emotions and thoughts.”

Bendy opened up it’s newly designed and built studio in 2012 enabling Snavley to expand services and streamline processes. This new facility has also provided Andy the ability to address Bendy’s carbon footprint. The building now boasts a solar array which offsets 100% of the electricity that the business uses, an air conditioning water recapturing system which is used to water all of the landscaping, and efficient LED lighting to name a few.

“When I was reimagining Bendy for its next decade I was drawn to the idea that though the business was ready to expand, I also wanted to make some positive change in my community and our environment. I started to look around my neighborhood, and I realized that I could do more than just build a studio, I could rehabilitate a rundown old building, and turn it into a purpose built facility that is a joy to create in. I looked at all the impact areas of my business, from commuting, energy consumption, and waste, to the social impact on my neighborhood and family. How we work in the 21st century is of critical importance if we are to advance our craft and society.”


1640 Centinela Ave.
Inglewood CA 90302
(by appointment only)

(310) 337-9727